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About Louise Hay and Her Legacy
Louise Hay
Heal Your Life Book by Louise Hay

Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life” philosophy is founded on the concept that our thoughts and beliefs determine our quality of life. She suggests that, by changing our thoughts and beliefs, we can remove the causes of physical, mental, and emotional issues in our lives. She also teaches us that by remaining responsible for our own lives and practicing self-love and acceptance, we can live graciously and accept the truth that it is our own purpose in life. Louise guides us to reflect on the ways in which we think, speak, and act so we can create a healthier, more positive life.

Louise Hay was a lifelong advocate of self-acceptance, self-love and our ability to heal ourselves. She wrote at length about how we are afflicted by our negative thoughts, and our capacity to overcome them through our self-love.

The key points of Louise Hay’s philosophy:

Louise Hay could actually do it herself because she practiced what she preached after learning from the conditions of her personal trauma. Having experienced difficult trauma in her early life, having her husband leave her for another after 14 years of marriage, and building herself up after having treatment for vaginal cancer, she took on the work it required to learn to heal others.

For Louise, the main part of healing our body and replenishing our life was deep self-love. She created the Hayride event in Westwood for those suffering from AIDS to meet with the purpose of improving their health and collectively giving each other encouraging thoughts and affirmations. She helped bring out the positive aspects in others through affirmations, and these within it would form communities to support one another.

Louise Hay was a late bloomer. She founded Hay House in her 40s which today is one of the worlds largest publishing company. Louise was also a prolific author, writing and publishing over two dozen books in a long literary career.


Louise Hay firmly believed that when it pertains to self-acceptance and transformation, self-love is the very best route to take. She encouraged everyone to internalize love and shape the attributes needed to cultivate it in themselves. From that point, she knew self-love would spread outward and enhance everyone’s capacity to transform all forms of lives. She asserted that by elevating self-love within you, you additionally develop self-love outside of you. This is an essential nudge for unlocking your full potential in life and body.

Positive Affirmations

Louise was known as the Queen of Positive Affirmations. This was one of the main ways she taught her audience to reframe and rewire their beliefs and self-dialogue. Using the power of positive affirmations, she created a radical and lasting change in people’s outlook about themselves and the world around them. Her popular book Mirror Work described how to utilize affirmations with one’s self in the mirror and interpreted how these steps could have a deep and profound influence on a person’s life.

She used positive affirmations to help people build self-love with the goal of healing their physiology throughout many of her books, seminars, and meditations. Whatever you believe is an affirmation, but working on making positive ones empower your psychological state to shift to the point where they come naturally.

Your Mind and Body Are Deeply Interconnected

When you suffer from an imbalance within your mind, your soul as a healer will directly manifest this imbalance within your body in order to return it to its natural state. When you shift your mental state, you also change the physical state of your body. Modern research now shows that meditation produces faster healing in the body.

Louise’s popular book Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them a Z provides a reference for the correlation between emotion and physical illness.

Optimism Is A Habit

Louise always taught that optimism is habit that we can consciously embrace.

Regardless of what has happened to you or what state of affairs you’re in, there’s always a reason to look at yourself in a positive manner. Having a positive mindset is what makes you worthy to begin with. This connects to the principle of unconditional self-love, which Louise Hay encouraged throughout all of her endeavors.

Forgiveness Is Always A Choice You Can Make

Louise was molested when she was only a child. In her subsequent life, she ended up as the victim of numerous types of abuse. Among others, she teaches us how to recognize forgiveness, and what it is. Her philosophy explains that forgiving others and allowing yourself to be free from the heartbreak they caused you is liberating.

Louise always shared her advice that the one who we need to forgive the most is ourselves. Usually we put high expectations on our selves and are very unforgiving of ourselves. Forgiveness allows us to open the door to love.

Heal Your Life Services by Blissvana

The Heal Your Life services offered by Blissvana include workshops, study groups, seminars, life coaching, teen programs, and business programs. Each of these services is based on the life-changing philosophy of Louise Hay, best-selling author of numerous books. Her most well-known book. You Can Heal Your Life, has sold 55 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 32 languages. As Heal Your Life practitioners, we are enthusiastic proponents of this philosophy because it has changed our lives dramatically.

The Heal Your Life philosophy is based on several very important principles:

  • Our thoughts are creative. When we change our thoughts, we change the outer aspects of our lives.
  • The beliefs we have about life (health, success, relationships, prosperity, and self-esteem) are created in childhood and unconsciously run our lives as adults until we become aware of them
  • Loving and approving of oneself are the keys to making positive changes
  • We can release the grip of the past by forgiving ourselves and others

Heal Your Life techniques are transformational and included in all our programs:

  • Learning to love yourself
  • Inner child work
  • Affirmations
  • Mirror work
  • Releasing old emotions
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Daily gratitude work


Both Rupali and Kapil have completed the authorized worldwide Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Training. Rupali and Kapil have also completed advanced work in order to offer Heal Your Life coaching, Teen programs, and Managing with Heart and Mind for businesses.



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