Discover, Create and Enjoy an Extraordinary Life with Live Your Bliss Coaching

A unique coaching program that helps you uncover your hidden challenges and achieve your personal and professional goals

Start achieving your biggest goals easily and effortlessly using the power of your

whole-brain and mind-body connection

Why you need Live Your Bliss Coaching

Feel Like Creating a Life of Your Dreams, But Can’t Find a Way?

Are you struggling with money challenges?

Are you stressed out or worried about your career progression or the passion that you want to pusue?

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Do you want to become the best version of yourself and live the purpose of your life?

Imagine if you could:

  • Have the financial freedom that you always wanted or double or tripple your income each month?
  • Get your next well deserved promotion or jump in your career or start a new business?
  • Have loving and harmonious relationships?
  • Live the life of your dreams?


Become Your Best. Create Your Best Life.

Discover What You Really Want in 4 Dimensions of Your Life. And Achieve It.

Live Your Bliss coaching is unlike any other life coaching program in the world. 

Your coaches, Dr. Kapil and Rupali, have created and perfected a no-fail system that can help you achieve even your seemingly impossible goals – a set of life transforming principles, strategies and tactics for creating a life of bliss. They have created a life of bliss for themselves, and know what it entails.

At Blissvana, there’s no judgement. Only love, empathy and compassion in a sacred space that is your’s to embrace and explore.

Live Your Bliss coaching will help you create a life full of love, happiness and abundance – and will become the new foundation for every aspect of your life. When you live every moment in bliss, your entire life is filled with bliss.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, it’s time to get started with Live Your Bliss coaching. You will truly be amazed at just how much is possible for you with the right coaching guidance and support.

Don’t wait another day to take this simple step toward creating a life of bliss, unbridled success and realizing your limitless potential 

Success in life is measured by bliss. Consider whether fulfillment of the goal you have chosen will constitute success. What is success? If you possess health and wealth but have trouble with everybody (including yourself), yours is not a successful life.


Existence becomes futile if you cannot find bliss. When wealth is lost, you have lost a little; when health is lost, you have lost something of more consequence; but when the bliss is lost, you have lost the highest treasure. ~ Yogananda Paramahansa

Live Your Bliss - Life Transformation Framework

Meet your coaches

Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Kapil is an internationally certified Heal Your Life teacher, workshop leader and coach. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotic Coach certified by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Rupali is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. She is an internationally certified Heal Your Life teacher and workshop leader as well as Heal Your Life Teen Empowerment Program Teacher. She is a Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha.

Rupali loves to guide meditations for people and is a Certified Music Therapist.

What specific outcomes will I achieve?

Get Crystal-Clear About Your Life

Create an exciting vision for the 4 dimensions of your blissful life.

Discover your bliss by embracing every dream, every desire, every goal, everything that you really want in your life.


Shatter Old Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Identify emotional blocks beliefs and barriers – and overcome them.

Permanently rewire your brain for success: love happiness, abundance, and bliss – easily and effortlessly.

Build Daily Momentum

Turn your life vision into a reality. Set intentions based on your life vision.

Align your habits with your life vision. Build routines and rituals for bliss.  Celebrate your real progress every day.

Master Your Emotions and Energy

Embrace innerwork thru meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Establish a strong spiritual connection.

Practice energy work to heal yourself and become your best self.

What our clients are saying…

Dr. Kapil is a very powerful trainer and an amazing speaker. With his calm ways, he is able to tap into our deepest thoughts and give our thoughts and words a completely new dimension. His workshop on ‘Prosperity’ gave me a totally new perspective to look at prosperity. You must certainly get this soulful experience in his workshops. 

I wish him all the very best and I know he is going to touch and heal many lives. 

God bless you, Dr. Kapil! 

Kavitha George

Dear Dr. Kapil, 

Thank you so much for the insightful session on Mondey and Abundance. 

I realize the shifts that need to hapen at the level of thought, my self-talk and my beliefs to create the abundance consciousness. 

You are a gifted trainer and a coach who can transform lives. Authenticity is your forte. 

A. G. Venugopal

NLP Trainer and Coach, Life Super Academy, Bengaluru

Dear Kapil and Rupali,

I thank God for this opportunity to meet you both. You both are one of the sweetest couples and most wonderful people I met. Feels like I have always known you. God bless you and wishing you success wherever you go.

Kavitha George

Rupali, you are super mindful and pure with your workshop. I could feel the immense amount of love that was poured by you into the session. Your enthusiasm to pass on the knowledge was delightful. 

Loved your smile and soothing voice the most!



The confidence and ease with which you lead and connect. Truly, a leader. All of this and much more, cannot happen except with deep understanding and a clear mind. I highly recommend Rupali as a workshop leader. I simply loved the session!


It was a pleasure to attend Dr. Kapil’s session on ‘Prosperity and Abundance’. He had a remarkable connect with everyone and nudged me gently to find my answers. His calming presence, combined with in depth knowledge, clarity of purpose and great communication skills helped me find great insights. I am sure that he will be leading many workshops and helping people. My best wishes for a great future! 

Vanita Dogra

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Live Your Bliss really mean?

Living Your Bliss means a lot more than just doing what makes you happy. It involves building your life around a core of love, happiness and abundance – and continually taking inspired action to bring your dreams for yourself into reality. And it won’t feel like a struggle because you’re serving a higher purpose that’s solely yours…

What creates bliss?

Bliss needs three essential ingredients: love, happiness and abundance. If any of these three is missing, you are not living in bliss – no matter how successful your life appears externally

Why is bliss so important?

Come to think of it, bliss is the only thing that matters in your life. Bliss implies your life is awesome, amazing, perfectly well-balanced and complete. It also means your inner world and outer world are not only in alignment with each other, but also working really, really well.

What areas of my life will Live Your Bliss coaching cover?

Live Your Bliss coaching covers the five areas that define who you are – and create your life reality:

1. Your Body

2. Your Finances

3. Your Relationships

4. Your Work

5. Your Core


Is Live Your Bliss coaching Life Coaching?

Think of Live Your Bliss coaching as Life Coaching turbocharged 100x. Live Your Bliss coaching is a heart-centered approach to life transformation for empaths, spiritual entrepreneurs, conscious business leaders and emotionally mature intellectuals.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to create your dream life in the shortest, easiest possible way without compromising on your core values, principles and ideals.

What specific outcomes will I achieve in my life?
  • Define a vision for your bliss – and your life in each of the core categories
  • Identify barriers and limiting beliefs – and overcome them
  • Learn the mental, emotional, and spiritual life skills needed for bliss in your life
  • Practice energy work techniques that clear blockages from your past and conquer current life challenges
  • Develop a deeper intuitive and spiritual connection
  • Use the inner skills of meditation, visualization, and personalized affirmations to achieve your goals
Does Live Your Bliss coaching work for everyone?

Live Your Bliss coaching works for those who are ready to take a leap of faith, step out of their comfort zone and create a life that’s filled with pure bliss every single day.

Schedule a Free Discovery Session

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. In this session, you will gain clarity about what is most important to you and what is holding you back from achieving your dreams and desires. 

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