Visionary Business Coaching

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
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Who is this for:

  • Entrepreneurs who need help moving in the right direction
  • Executive leaders in the corporate world
  • Small and medium business owners looking for business growth especially in online space
  • Mid level and senior level managers who want to manage their team more effectively

As a Life and Business Strategist, I help Business Leaders:

  • Get crystal clear about your career, business and life
  • Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Reprogram your mindset, eliminate blocks and beliefs and hardwire your inner core for success
  • Master your emotions and your energy thru innerwork and energy work
  • Turn your life vision into a reality by establishing daily habits, routines and rituals that help you succeed

What Results Will I Get?

Clarity of Vision

Improved Relationships

Improved Time Management

Inspired Action


Increased Work Performance

New Habits & Rituals

Increased Confidence

Daily Inner Work Practices

Kapil Apshankar

Kapil is an Engineering Leader and a Technology Entrepreneur with over 21 years of deep experience in Cloud, DevOps, Agile, Machine Learning and Data Science.

While he loves his work as a Global Leader in Fortune 500 companies, his personal mission is to help transform lives of people. As a Visionary Business Coach, he helps technology professionals achieve their professional and personal goals.

Kapil is an internationally certified Heal Your Life teacher, workshop leader and coach. He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotic Coach certified by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

My Approach to Visionary Business Coaching

I believe that every individual has unlimited potential and with right kind of guidance and support, everyone can take his/her life to another level in the areas that matter the most: business or professional success, personal finances, relationships and health.

If you are looking to take your life to another level, book a free session with me and I would be happy to talk.

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Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Start achieving your biggest goals easily and effortlessly using the power of your whole-brain and mind-body-soul connection

Are you looking to exponentially scale your business, achieve next level success and breakthrough results in any economy? If so, apply for your complimentary business breakthrough session today…

We organize a completely customized virtual workshop for your company/team.

We conduct hands-on workshops and webinars for small business owners, corporate teams and school teachers. The workshop is focused on:

  • Developing mental fitness
  • Embracing growth mindset
  • Leading self and leading people
  • Developing positive thought patterns
  • Improving team performance


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