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Rupali, thank you so so so so very much. You helped to bring light and grace and hope to this area as a mom. 🙂 This was a wonderful coaching session for me. You helped me to break through a stuck emotion, and I ended up with a plan for a celebration!


Mother of a Young Adult

Very positive and nice energy in the online program. Dr. Kapil and Rupali are very kind and patient. Also packed some powerful meditations. 

The program  introduced me to new thoughts which were simple and easy to understand but seem powerful. Look forward to practising.

Nayan Pathak

Dr. Kapil is a very powerful trainer and an amazing speaker. With his calm ways, he is able to tap into our deepest thoughts and give our thoughts and words a completely new dimension. His workshop on ‘Prosperity’ gave me a totally new perspective to look at prosperity. You must certainly get this soulful experience in his workshops. 

I wish him all the very best and I know he is going to touch and heal many lives. 

God bless you, Dr. Kapil! 

Kavitha George

Dear Dr. Kapil, 

Thank you so much for the insightful session on Mondey and Abundance. 

I realize the shifts that need to hapen at the level of thought, my self-talk and my beliefs to create the abundance consciousness. 

You are a gifted trainer and a coach who can transform lives. Authenticity is your forte. 

A. G. Venugopal

NLP Trainer and Coach, Life Super Academy, Bengaluru

Rupali’s Om Meditation is so powerful, I feel completely rejuvenated and full of energy at the end of meditation, every time I do it.

Neha Joshi

Dr. Kapil and Rupali, you are the best teachers ever. The thing that I am learning most about is myself. Thank you.  

Always happy to see your smiling faces and to learn more from you. You both are so knowledgeable. I love how you talk about Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. When we meet on Zoom, I just want to absorb everything from both of you. I like your gentle manner and how you patiently convey the topics. The team approach really makes it interesting. Thank you so much for leading this class. I am looking forward to the next time!

Victoria Ludkowski

The. Best. Teachers. Ever.

Dr. Kapil and Rupali are two of the most authentic, knowledgeable, and loving Humans on this planet! I am grateful and honored to have attended their Playshop and look forward to future experiences with them.

I’m sure that Louise Hay and Wayne Dwyer are so very proud to have these two carry on their work in such an amazing way!

Edna Gray Taylor

Dear Kapil and Rupali,

I thank God for this opportunity to meet you both. You both are one of the sweetest couples and most wonderful people I met. Feels like I have always known you. God bless you and wishing you success wherever you go.

Kavitha George

Rupali, you are super mindful and pure with your workshop. I could feel the immense amount of love that was poured by you into the session. Your enthusiasm to pass on the knowledge was delightful. 

Loved your smile and soothing voice the most!


What I liked the best about the event is Kapil and Rupali’s compassion. I learnt how affirmations work and why they are so important. 

Jessica Squier

Rupali, thank you so much for your kindness and your love! Within one coaching session, you helped me get to the bottom of it as to why I didn’t want to really get in touch with that intuitive power that I have within myself. I now feel more calm, supported, and confident. 


This online program for 6 weeks was a wonderful experience. Dr. Kapil and Rupali create a fantastic and safe environment for growth. I will cherish this time forever, and continue my personal growth.

Carolina Arias


The confidence and ease with which you lead and connect. Truly, a leader. All of this and much more, cannot happen except with deep understanding and a clear mind. I highly recommend Rupali as a workshop leader. I simply loved the session!


I thoroughly enjoyed the guided meditation to know my inner child and find out what I needed to love myself and accept love. I have learnt that it is okay to love myself and to accept the love others give to me. 

Jennifer Turner

It was a pleasure to attend Dr. Kapil’s session on ‘Prosperity and Abundance’. He had a remarkable connect with everyone and nudged me gently to find my answers. His calming presence, combined with in depth knowledge, clarity of purpose and great communication skills helped me find great insights. I am sure that he will be leading many workshops and helping people. My best wishes for a great future! 

Vanita Dogra

I loved the feeling of increased vibration with meditation and affirmations. The session reminded me to slow down and become more aware of what I am feeling. Wish the session lasted longer! 

Cheryl Noel

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