At Blissvana, we are very proud to have been mentored by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

One of the questions Wayne was always asked was, “How can I manifest a life of my dreams”.

Here’s what Wayne would say:

“The No. 1 principle is that if you would like to be able to create something, you must first be able to imagine it, because everything that is created is first imagined. But that’s just the intellectual part of it. To understand something intellectually, you intellectualize about it, concentrate on it, come up with formulas about it, read books about it, hear other people’s opinions, and deduce things. You apply deductive reasoning, and then you come to a conclusion intellectually. But to understand something spiritually, you must experience it, and the only way you can experience it is to become it.

So the practice of “I am” is to be able to assume the feeling of the wish already fulfilled. You do this with whatever it is you would like to attract into your life, whatever kind of person you would like to be or whatever you would like to manifest, as long as it’s aligned with source energy or God, and doesn’t interfere with anybody else’s right to do the same. You must be able to not only live from that place, but also be able to feel it, and that means feel it in your body and literally experience it.”

This in a nutshell is the simple formula to create a blissful life. This is something we personally practice and teach at Blissvana. We live this formula every day, and this is how we gently lead our clients to create their blissful lives too!

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Wishes Fulfilled is one of Wayne’s best selling books, and one of our favorite too. Read Wayne’s complete interview one publication of the book here. We have extracted one of his answers from this interview.