As you create your best, BLISSFUL life, take a moment and ask yourself two questions:

  1. Am I managing my life in a way to support my growth?
  2. What do I really, really want at the level of my Soul?

Your answers will lead you in the direction of the four purposes of a BLISSful life – Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha.

Think of Dharma as your true purpose in life. The reason why you are here, the impact you are making and the legacy your are creating…

Artha is abundance. It includes everything that allows you to live a fulfilling life and also the means to achieve it. It includes money, knowledge, friendships, love, career, skills, good health, and prosperity…

The desire for pleasure is what drives human behavior. A life without pleasure and enjoyment is hollow and empty. Kaama relates to this pleasure, which can be sensuality, but is also art, music, beauty, love, intimacy, affection, fellowship, and kindness—it’s what brings a sense of delight to your life in every moment.

When you live your Dharma, fully supported by Artha and Kaama – that state is Moksha. Moksha is not a state to be achieved at the end of your life. Moksha is your true nature—it’s who you really are. Moksha is Living Your Bliss in every moment.

This is what Blissvana is all about. Have you checked out our Live Your Bliss Coaching and Live Your Bliss Energy Work programs yet?

We are blessed to have Deepak Chopra is one of our personal mentors. Here’s Deepak talking about the Four Aims of Human Life.