A Self-Love Journey


6-Week Online Group Coaching Program

Based on Heal Your Life Philosophy by Louise Hay

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Heal Your Life Book by Louise Hay

Transform Your Life

  • Unlock the power of self-love
  • Transform your relationship with yourself
  • Unleash your full potential.
  • Discover practical tips, proven strategies and powerful insights to increase your self-worth and live your life to the fullest.
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Group Coaching Program
Heal Your Life Transformational Workshops and Life Coaching

How Does This 6 Week Program Work?


This is a blend of live classroom sessions plus access to an online portal. We will start with an introductory session that we will lead on Zoom. You will then get access to the learning portal. Each week, you will work through one topic in the learning portal which consists of reflection exercises, videos, audios, meditations, journaling, visualizations and affirmations. You get a copy of your journaling and reflection exercises to your registered email address. Your personal information in these exercises does not get shared even with the instructors. It remains with you.

A new topic will be covered each week over the next six weeks. Detailed program schedule is explained below.

At the end of each week, we will lead an online Zoom session, where you can share your insights, clear any doubts or questions and learn about the next topic to follow.

When: To be announced – Please email bliss[@]blissvana.com to know more
Time: 9:30 to 11:00 am USA Central Time| Check Your Time Zone Here
Where: Online Zoom Session
Program Leader: Rupali Apshankar – Certified Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader

Live Online Interactive Sessions

Live online interactive sessions with Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leaders 

Access to Online Learning Portal

Lectures,  videos, audios, meditations, slides, affirmations, and additional resources

Unlimited Email Support

Ongoing unlimited email support from your Heal Your Life teachers on your healing journey

Dr. Kapil and Rupali, you are the best teachers ever. I love your meditations.
 The thing that I am learning most about is myself. Thank you. 


I love the positive messages that I have received. I enjoyed participating with everyone. Hearing others experiences helps me to reflect on my own. I am learning more about myself in terms of how powerful I am and that I can set comfortable boundaries as I complete this program again. I feel this class provides the support I need to live my best life. I have taken baby steps in asserting my needs with others which has made life more comfortable for me.

The HYL journey learning portal is a focused journey to cover all the ‘points’ of “Heal your Life” hitting on Louise Hay’s main topics. Louise is such a superstar. Her words are simple and very powerful. I am reading “Heal your Life” again and each sentence has such meaning. Louise makes so much sense. Once you get the hang of the portal it is easy to use. I like how it emails you your responses in a nice table format.


Always happy to see your smiling faces and to learn more from you. You both are so knowledgeable. I love how you talk about Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. When we meet on Zoom, I just want to absorb everything from both of you. I like your gentle manner and how you patiently convey the topics. The team approach really makes it interesting. Thank you so much for leading this class. I am looking forward to the next time!


Victoria Ludkowski

What Will You Learn?

Week 1 - Learning to Love and Accept Yourself

  • Do you notice a constant stream of negative dialogue in your head?
  • Do you get limited by your past experiences and failures?
  • Do you depend on other people’s approval?
  • Do you tend to focus on your weaknesses rather than strengths?
  • Do you feel like a victim of circumstances?

Week 2 - Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Consciousness

  • Do you feel deserving enough?
    • Exploring patterns & limiting beliefs around deservability
    • Deservability Meditation by Dr. Patricia Crane
    • Decide what you want
    • Identify your current deservability level
    • Create powerful affirmations

Week 3 - Heal Your Relationships With Love

  • Do you relate out of love or fear?

    • Discovering Patterns on Love & Relationships
    • Explore judgements ‘Us v/s Them’
    • Releasing Emotions
    • Louise Hay’s Video On Love
    • Growing love- affirmations to loving relationships 

    Week 4 - Heal Your Finances to Attract Abundance and Prosperity

    • Do you have a scarcity or an abundant mindset ?

      • Exploring patterns & experiences of prosperity
      • Louise Hay’s Video on Prosperity
      • Do you engage in ‘scarcity’ thinking or have an ‘abundance’ mindset?
      • Creating powerful prosperity affirmations
      • Creating possibilities – A Treasure Map 

      Week 5 - Love Your Body, Heal Your Body

      • Do you believe you deserve good health?

        • Powerful Healing Light Meditation by Rick Nichols
        • Exploring family patterns of dis-ease
        • Releasing limiting thoughts on health
        • Louise Hay on Mind Body Connection
        • Mind-Body Visualization – Listening to your body’s messages
        • Affirmations to great health

          Week 6 - Setting and Honoring Boundaries with Love

          • Do you have trouble saying No?

            • Do You Have Healthy Boundaries? – A Quick Quiz
            • Discovering Boundaries
            • What We Say Yes To – What We Say No To defines our life
            • Visualization & Affirmations For Healthy Boundaries

                The Facilitators

                Kapil Apshankar

                Kapil Apshankar

                Life and Business Strategist

                Kapil Apshankar is an Amazon best-selling author of “Done! The Art of Managing Your Priorities” and a TEDx speaker. He is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist and a master hypnotic coach with affiliation to National Guild of Hypnotists and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Kapil is also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach as well as Teen Empowerment Program Teacher in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. Kapil has formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern complementary energy healing systems.

                Kapil has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and software engineering, plus a graduate degree in software engineering. He is a serial technology entrepreneur with 20 years of deep experience coaching and mentoring executives, business leaders and high performance teams across three dozen Fortune 500 companies.

                Rupali Apshankar

                Rupali Apshankar

                Life and Relationship Coach


                Rupali is a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach as well as Teen Empowerment Program Teacher in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. She will soon be a Board Certified Coach, the highest professional credential in the coaching space. Rupali is also a certified Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha (They are also co-founders of Robbins Madanes Training Center – the official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins). She loves to guide meditations for people and is a Certified Music Therapist. She has formal training in Indian classical music and sound healing.

                Rupali has an MBA in International Business from Boston, USA. Prior to her work in the self-growth and personal transformation for the past 10+ years, she had extensive experience working in technology companies in the Silicon Valley, California, for more than 15 years.

                This was a wonderful experience. I loved the meditations and the guidance that was provided.


                Dr. Kapil and Rupali create a fantastic and safe environment for growth. I will cherish this time forever, and continue my personal growth.


                Carolina Arias

                Heal Your Life Transformational Workshops and Life Coaching

                Today I create a wonderful NEW DAY and a wonderful NEW FUTURE

                Louise Hay

                Louise Hay

                When You Enroll, What Will You Get?

                Live Online Interactive Sessions (Value $900)

                6 Weeks of Live online interactive sessions with Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Coaches and Workshop Leaders and access to a group of like-minded people

                Access to Online Learning Portal (Value $147)

                6 Months Access to HYL Journey portal with lectures,  videos, audios, meditations, slides, affirmations, and additional resources. The ONLY official course based on Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life philosophy with standardized content accessed by thousands of participants across the world

                One 1:1 Personal Coaching Session (Value $200)

                One 1:1 online coaching session with Kapil or Rupali to help you go deeper in your healing journey

                Affirmations to Heal Your Life Audio Course (Value $47)

                A series of 6 powerful and beautifully recorded audio meditations and affirmation treatments based on Louise’s work for you to use every day (Lifetime access)


                Worksheets to Help You Discover, Create and Live Your Bliss (Value $47)

                Insightful and actionable worksheets and templates for you to start using immediately. Get new insights about yourself. Reprogram your mind, make new choices and write a new life story (Lifetime access)

                Lifetime Access to Blissvana App

                Private lifetime access to Blissvana Community and a powerful network of like-minded happiness, success, love and abundance seekers worldwide (Lifetime access)

                Unlimited Email Support (Priceless!)

                Ongoing unlimited email support from your Heal Your Life teachers on your healing journey throughout the cohort

                Total Value of More Than $1,341

                For an investment of just $497

                The Heal Your Life program introduced me to new thoughts which were simple and easy to understand but seem powerful. I look forward to practicing. Using the HYL Journey portal was simple and easy. I liked the meditations and soothing music.

                My key takeaway was that I deserve good things in life and I can heal myself and set myself free. Also, the approach is gentle on myself and I do not need to beat myself up in the process and need me to be wrong. 

                Kapil and Rupali have very positive and nice energy. Very kind and patient. Also packed some powerful meditations conducted by them.


                Nayan Pathak

                Enroll Today

                Louise Hay

                You Can Heal Your Life

                Heal Your Life 

                “I affirm that I have power to heal myself.”

                Frequently Asked Questions

                Who is eligible to attend this program?

                This program is open for everyone above 18 years. There are no pre-requisites. We do ask that you free up your schedule in order to attend the online sessions.

                What is the format of the program?

                This online program is designed to give you an incredible experience of deepening your inner journey.

                Through this group coaching program, you will get to use carefully crafted reflection exercises, videos, meditations, visualizations, and affirmations that will help you uncover past layers of conditioning, identify limiting beliefs, and release behaviors caused by lack of self-love.

                This experience is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This powerful tool allows you to acknowledge your true power, in achieving the love, the prosperity, and the relationships you’ve been longing for.

                Even though you may have worked with these issues before, there is always more to uncover and release, allowing you to welcome more good on every level into your life!

                Is this a self-study online course?

                This is an online program designed to give you an immersive and experiential Heal Your Life experience. This experience creates a perfect blend of live online sessions, portal based learning and guided self-discovery “innerwork” exercises to really transform your life.

                Please be aware that this is neither a self-study course nor a home study program. You will be provided access to the learning portal for six months after the first session.


                Do I really need to attend the online sessions ?

                Yes. You absolutely need to attend the online sessions. The online sessions are the most important aspect of this program and are designed to greatly enhance your healing and transformation journey.


                What is your refund policy?

                Due to the nature of this program, we will not be able to provide any refunds.

                Can I bring a friend or family member along?

                No. This online experience is a personal journey designed for you. The objective is to help you with your own personal healing, transformation and growth. 

                ENROLL TODAY.

                No matter what goes on in this world, the only thing you can work on is what is right for you. You have to get in touch with your inner guidance because it is the wisdom that knows the answer for you. It’s not easy to listen to yourself when your friends and family are telling you what to do. Yet, all the answers to all the questions you are ever going to ask are within you now.

                We are more than our personalities, our problems, our fears, and our illnesses. We are far more than our bodies. We are all connected with everyone on the planet and with all of life. We are all spirit, light, energy, vibration, and love, and we all have the power to live our lives with purpose and meaning.




                Heal Your Life

                “I affirm that I have power to heal myself.”