Conventional life coaching follows a left-brained, analytical approach. You set goals, convert them into actions and then measure the results.

It is an approach that heavily focuses on expectations. Your expectations from others, from the world, and from yourself.

Our mentor, Dr. Deepak Chopra contrasts expectations with intentions.

A clear intention is a necessary element to any successful endeavor. An expectation narrows the field of possibilities of the myriad ways the universe can delight you.
One key difference between intentions and expectations is the onus of responsibility. Intentions rely upon choices you make yourself, whereas expectations usually demand actions of other people. Since it is impossible to control another person, your surroundings, or external circumstances, it is wise to put your energy into an area you can control—your mind, words, and intentions.
And this is exactly what Life Bliss coaching is all about. Creating your dream life full of bliss using heart-centered, empathy-based approach rooted in your superpowers of intuition, intention and imagination.
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