Lot has been written about peak performance, high productivity and personal effectiveness. Many books, many systems and many philosophies exist – and are followed by millions.

Yet, a lot of people are a far cry away from living the life of their dreams.

Here’s a simple method to change all that. A simpler method does not exist. And while may sound simple, it has been put to test multiple times and has worked for everyone who has tried it.

The BLISScipline method for achieving peak performance, high productivity and personal BLISS on a daily basis:


  • Clearly define the “dream” in five areas of your life: your core, your body, your finances, your relationship and your work


  • Each evening, journal six most important “actions” you intend to take the next day to achieve your “dream”
  • Schedule these actions as appointments for your next day with sufficient time for each action and sufficient time in between each
  • Each morning, begin the day by journalling the “dream”
  • As you go thru your day, keep appointments with your “dream-actions”.
  • Overruns will happen, don’t move on to the next appointment before completely finishing the current one
  • If you run out of time before finishing all your dream-action appointments, they become the first appointments for the following day
  • Each evening, celebrate your “dream-action” wins

That’s pretty much it. Simple and sweet. And it works.

Try it out for the next 21 days and see your life magically transforming.

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